Scale Mont Blanc in new cable car (video)

The Skyway will take you 11,000 feet in the air in just 15 minutes

Scale Mont Blanc Without Breaking a Sweat
Scale Mont Blanc in new cable car
Scaling Mont Blanc may have previously been the preserve of the athletic and adventurous, but now it's available to everyone.

A new cable car is offering every visitor breathtaking views of Europe's highest peak.

It's called Skyway and for just £30 it will take you 11,000 feet in the air and it will only take 15 minutes in the comfort of a high-tech bubble.

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Carlo Cillara Rossi, a Skyway architect, says: "The cabin rotates as it ascends, scenic spaces can be captured from inside rather than outdoors and the largely comfortable spaces can transport anyone from a child to an elderly person."

Up to 800 visitors an hour can take the trip up to the Helbronner station where they will be left face-to-face with the famous mountain.

The responsibility of transporting hundreds of tourists thousands of feet in the air means that safety regulations must be strict.

Marco Petrella is one of the Skyway engineers, he explains: "The glass is calculated to withstand very strong winds that are typical of this area. Even the terrace was designed to withstand winds up to 124 miles per hour."

Mont Blanc is the tallest mountain in the Alps and has a number of climbing routes available to those wishing to conquer the peak on foot, although it's notoriously dangerous and there are a number of fatalities each year.

The project took three years to complete and each cabin boasts an automatic pilot so visitors can just relax and enjoy the spectacular views

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