Ryanair 'window' falls out on passenger's lap during landing

Window reveal fell out as plane touched down at London Stansted


Ryanair passenger shocked when 'window' falls on his lap during landing

A holidaymaker got the shock of his life when a plane window fell into his lap upon landing.

Laurence Gibson was left traumatised after the window reveal fell on to him as the Ryanair flight touched down at London Stansted around 12.30am on 26 July.

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The 37-year-old teaching assistant was returning from a week-long holiday in Gdansk, Poland, with his partner, Matt, when the shocking incident happened.

Laurence said: "It was the scariest moment of my life. I'm a nervous flyer as it is but this has just made it worse.

"As soon as we touched down the inside of the window just fell into my lap. Landing is the worst part for me and I was already clutching Matt's hand before.

"I was absolutely hysterical for a while."

Ryanair passenger shocked when 'window' falls on his lap during landing

Laurence paid £144 for the return flight, which was in the first week of his summer holidays.

The flight they were on was booked through Ryanair but it was being operated by Air Explore.

Laurence said: "The plane looked a little bit dilapidated, not the usual Ryanair standards.

"To be fair to the staff though, they were really nice about it. They couldn't apologise enough."

A statement from Ryanair said: "We note the dislodging of this window reveal (which is used only to protect the window from scratches) and have asked the operator of this lease-in aircraft (Air Explore) to ensure that it does not recur."

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