Selfie sticks: Where you can and can't use them

Growing number of tourist attractions banning the popular photo tool

100+ Places Where You Can't Bring a Selfie Stick
Surprising places where you can use selfie sticks
They're long, unwieldy and quite frankly rather annoying, although they are handy for capturing a group shot... what are we talking about? Selfie sticks, of course.

They've been banned at a number of prominent tourist attractions the world over already and it looks like that might just be the start of a growing trend.

But one enterprising website has come up with a way to find out in advance whether or not you'll be allowed to snap away inside your favourite tourist hotspots.

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Can I Bring My Selfie Stick let's you rifle through a list of popular places by location, alphabetically or using the search function.

Although the Eiffel Tower was revealed as the most 'selfied' attraction in the world for 2014, this didn't dissuade the French authorities as you are still allowed to use selfie sticks at the popular Parisian landmark.

But there are a number of surprising places where you CAN still use a selfie stick, including: Auschwitz, the Louvre, the Empire State Building, the Vatican, the London Eye and the Acropolis.

However there are a number of other popular attractions that no longer allow selfie sticks inside including: Disney, the Colosseum and the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Ticket company Attraction Tix launched the site and have been through and categorised more than 100 tourist sites from all over the world to create this selfie stick database.

Simon Applebaum of Attraction Tix said: "When Walt Disney World announced in June that they were banning selfie sticks at their parks that we realised there was no source for people to find out which attractions they could bring their selfie sticks to or if they would have to leave them at the entrance and pick them up when they leave."

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