Police escorting family of ducks safely across road is cute (video)

Mother and 9 ducklings escorted to river in St Andrews, Scotland

Police escorting family of ducks safely across road is cute (video)
Protective Police Escort Ducks to Safety

Police in Scotland are obviously quackers about ducks...

This video shows the cute moment two officers ensured a mother and her nine ducklings made it safely over the road to get to a river in St Andrews.

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They can be seen slowing down cars as the animals cross the road, and the officers then walk them down the pavement towards a hole in the wall.

The adorable ducks then have to jump onto the river path below, which they don't seem too sure about at first.

However, they all make the leap and can be seen finally happily getting into the river at the end of their police-escorted journey.

According to BT.com, Yoriko Hirose, 38, a research assistant from St Andrews, caught the moment on camera, and said: "I was on my way to work and saw a police car speeding next to me.

"Then I saw the officer get out and noticed the traffic was being held up by ducks in the middle of the road."

The Metroreports he added: "I just started filming. It was a dramatic moment. It was interesting and a bit surreal.

"The police did a good job. They managed to get the ducks off the road quite quickly."

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