Jet2 passengers banned after causing chaos on Newcastle to Cyprus flight

Two passengers banned for a year after flight disrupted by boozy antics

Jet2 passengers banned after causing chaos on Newcastle to Cyprus flight

Two unruly Jet2 passengers have been banned from using the airline for a year after their "offensive" behaviour caused disruption on a Newcastle to Cyprus holiday flight.

The pair reportedly ignored pleas to stop drinking their own alcohol, swearing and damaging seats.

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The incident occurred on 22 July as they travelled from Newcastle to Larnaca, and caused a delay for passengers waiting at the airport in Cyprus to return to the UK.

A Jet2 spokesman told the Chronicle Live that its cabin crew reported "unacceptable behaviour" from the pair, who "disobeyed requests to stop using foul and explicit language and consuming their own alcohol".

The spokesman added: "In addition, their seats were seen to have been damaged, leading to a 30-minute delay to Jet2's return flight to Newcastle Airport."

The men were met by police when the plane landed in Cyprus, and the airline is seeking costs for the damage to the aircraft.

Phil Ward, managing director of, told the Northern Echo: "This incident highlights why it is important to take a stance on antisocial conduct. Such disruptive behaviour is simply not tolerated under our Onboard Together programme, which empowers our crew to use numerous measures to stamp it out, including issuing verbal and written warnings and, in this case, alerting the authorities.

"This is a growing problem which needs to be tackled by the industry as a whole.

"Passengers and crew should not have to put up with such offensive and unnecessary disruption and airlines should certainly not have to deal with aircraft damage."

The news comes just weeks after a British man was sent a £4,800 bill after causing havoc on a Jet2 flight causing it to divert.

Grant Marshall, from Teesside, was flying with a stag do group of 14 from Leeds to Alicante, Spain, in May 2015 when he refused to stop drinking and upsetting passengers sitting nearby.

He ignored requests from cabin crew to stop using intimidating language and threatening behaviour after taking his own booze on board.

The pilot eventually decided to make an unscheduled stop in Toulouse, France, and Marshall was handed over to French police.

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