Discover the ancient city of Petra (video)

Take a look around the stunning, rose coloured desert city

Visit This World Wonder- Amazing Petra
Discover the ancient city of Petra
The ancient city of Petra is a natural fort that was carved into the rocks in the middle of the desert over 2,000 years ago.

The area was chosen by the Nabataeans who are credited with creating this stunning rose red city.

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According to Lonely Planet, this idyllic oasis of land then lay forgotten for centuries until Swiss explorer, Jean Louis Burckhardt chanced upon it in 1812.

They also developed dams to divert nearby streams and springs into the city to create a natural water system.

Not only did this allow residents to survive but the water also enabled crops such as wheat and fruit to thrive in the area.

A narrow gap in the rock, called the Siq, is the gateway to this magical and ancient city.

The pathway leads to the Treasury which is often bathed in sunlight thanks to its position. As the guide in the footage explains, this area is often met with gasps of awe from first time visitors.

Petra later became an important cross roads for trade and the figures of men and camels carved into the city's walls represent this.

Caravans of camels carried carried spices, Frankincense, silk and other goods to the colourful, well-protected metropolis.

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