Huge cyclist moves car out of bike lane with bare hands (video)

Fed-up cyclist gets off bike and physically removes car in his way

Brilliant moment huge cyclist moves car out of bike lane with bare hands (video)

An angry cyclist fed up of cars mindlessly parking on the bike path decided to take matters into his own hands, literally - by picking up the car and moving it out of his way.

The hulk of a man was caught on camera picking up the back end of the little car and moving it sideways to cheers from the crowd looking on.

He then calmly got back on his bike and rode off as if the manoeuvre was no big deal.

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According to the Irish Examiner, the video was shot in Sao Paulo in Brazil.

The footage was uploaded to YouTube by a Joe Loreto, who captioned it, 'O homem mais forte do mundo' - translated as 'The strongest man in the world'.

The viral video emerged just a couple of days after shocking footage was posted online showing a man pushing a cyclist off his bike from a moving car.

The North Devon Journal reports that the footage was originally uploaded to Facebook, where, worryingly, "hundreds of Facebook users have tagged their friends in the comments section saying that they should take up the challenge of pushing a cyclist over", in the style of other online 'challenges' like the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Cycling Weekly called it a "worrying development".

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