Rickshaw driver defends £206 bill for one-mile journey

Driver says the £10 a minute charge was fair because it was uphill


Rickshaw driver defends £206 bill for one mile journey
A London rickshaw driver has defended his decision to charge customers £206 for a one-mile journey.

Juris Dzjabovic claims that the extortionate fee for the three-minute ride was fair enough because he was driving uphill and the charge for that is £10 a minute.

The tourists were taken from popular shopping area, Oxford Circus, to Marble Arch, a distance of just over a mile that would only take four minutes on the Tube or 15 minutes to walk.

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The driver was captured on film charging tourists the ridiculous sum, which also attracted the attention of two passing policeman who confronted the Russian.

In the footage one of the police officers can be heard saying: "They're foreign tourists, you're blatantly ripping them off"

Adding: "You know that one minute in here is not £10's worth."

Dzjabovic told the Daily Mail: "I don't come cheap. I work my legs hard, I look good and I play good music – you have to pay a lot if you want that kind of luxury.

'I charged £206 because there were four people and I was going uphill. I didn't even charge them the full amount – it should have been £412. Sure, £10 a minute is expensive, but that's only if I go uphill. For downhill, it's £10 for ten minutes."

According to the Daily Mail, Mr Dzjabovic only arrived in London from Russia seven days ago and began working on the rickshaw instantly.

Despite claiming to work for Glow Taxis, the company are thought to have denied the £10 a minute charge and are distancing themselves from the situation, Metro reports.

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