Dog copies holidaymakers and dives off cliff (video)

Fearless pooch throws himself into the blue waters below

Dog Dives Off Cliff in Malta

One of the best parts about holidaying by the sea can be the clear blue waters and stunning coastal scenery.

Cliff jumping is also a popular past time taken up by holidaymakers the world over.

Cool off after a few hours lying in the sun by diving into the beautiful waters below. It seems this isn't just the preserve of humans on holiday either as this fearless pooch demonstrates.

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After watching numerous people do backflips and dive off the cliffs in Malta, this little dog decided it was time to stop being a spectator and start being a participant.

Clearly a little overheated by the midday sun, this guy decides the humans around him have got the right idea.

So without any hesitation, the dog takes a flying leap into the water below before doggy paddling his way over to the rocks on the edge much to the delight of onlookers.

It appears that the dog was considering his options after seeing one man throwing himself in, but the idea really takes hold when another boy takes a running jump.

The dog follows closely after, holding a pose even Tom Daley would be proud of as he glides through the air into the cool waters.

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