Unruly man restrained with seatbelts by passengers on plane

Fellow fliers tied up 'drunk' passenger on flight from Hong Kong to Vladivostok

Passenger tied up with seatbelts on Siberian Airlines flight

Passengers on a Siberian Airlines flight physically restrained an unruly traveller - by tying him up with seatbelts and sticky tape.

The incident occurred on a flight from Hong Kong to Vladivostok, reports the Independent.

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Footage of the scene was uploaded to YouTube, and show the man being kicked and punched by fellow travellers, forcing him to the floor.

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He had allegedly been drunk and abusive to other passengers before they took things into their own hands.

The Telegraph reports that the man was detained by police when the plane landed in Vladivostock.

The paper adds that the news comes after the Civil Aviation Authority recently warned that air rage was a growing problem, with the number of incidents on British airlines rising from 114 last year.

In early July, a British man was sent a £4,800 bill after causing havoc on a Jet2 flight causing it to divert.

Grant Marshall, from Teesside, was flying with a stag do group of 14 from Leeds to Alicante, Spain, in May 2015 when he refused to stop drinking and upsetting passengers sitting nearby, reports the Mirror.

He ignored requests from cabin crew to stop using intimidating language and threatening behaviour after taking his own booze on board.

The pilot eventually decided to make an unscheduled stop in Toulouse, France, and Marshall was handed over to French police.

As well as being billed for the cost of the diversion, Marshall has also been banned from using Jet2 for life.

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