Introducing incredible floating UFO-style tents

Treehouse architect creates tent 'alien invasion'

Introducing incredible floating UFO-style tents

If you came across a group of these tents in a forest you might think you've stumbled on an alien invasion.

These incredible tents look as if they are hovering in mid-air and people might think you've been abducted by aliens, because at night they look like glowing UFOs.

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The spooky tents are the brainchild of treehouse architect Alex Shirley-Smith, 38, who became fascinated with tress after watching a BBC documentary about the destruction of the Amazon when he was just six years old.

More than 25 years later, Alex's dream came true when he teamed up with talented tent designer Kirk Kirchev, 40, from South London, to create Tentsile in 2012.

Alex, from Tottenham, North London, said: "When I saw the Amazon deforestation my heart hurt.

"I knew the only way trees would survive was if they were valued for more than just timber. I knew I had to build treehouses.

"In 2001 I started working as an apprentice working by day on elaborate fixed treehouses for elite clientele, and by night on my mobile treehouse dream.

"When I teamed up with Kirk he joined my crusade and together we brought the vision to life in a practical, lightweight and super-desirable way."

The first Tentsile was sold in 2013, called the Stingray, and since then the company has gone from strength to strength and online sales have quadrupled since the beginning of 2015.

Alex said: "It's more than just a tent in trees, it's adventure, secrets, playfulness, mystique and flat-out 'cool factor' manufactured out of nylon.

"It's an escape in a bag.

"But the benefits of Tentsile reach far beyond its cool factor it's versatile, it keeps warm bodies off cool grounds and it lessens environmental impact.

"It makes it possible to camp just about anywhere, without a rock in your back - no more searching for flat ground.

"We're pretty sure it'll hold up great in the zombie apocalypse, too!"

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