Visit the Sicilian village that's built inside a cave (video)

Grotta Mangiapane is found in the natural gap between two mountains near Trapani

Ancient Village Hidden in Italian Cave
It can be a nightmare trying to find your way around a new city, but what might be even harder is trying to find a village tucked away into the side of a mountain.

One ancient village in Sicily is nestled into a cave that has been created by the natural opening between two mountains.

The piazza of Grotta Mangiapane can be found at the opening of the cave where you'll also see the resident geese right at home in their coop.

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The hidden village is named after the family that settled in the cave and lived there until the 1950s.

The opening to the cave is around 260 feet high and the village extends 230 feet inside the crevice.

There's evidence the cave was first settled during the Stone Age, more than 10,000 years ago and later residents farmed the nearby fields and fished in the sea which is just hundreds of yards away.

Today the village is more of a museum where visitors can peer in to bedrooms and workshops and even the tiny chapel.

Grotta Mangiapane is just 18 kilometers from Trapani, which sits on the north western coast of Sicily.

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