Newquay Zoo welcomes rare (and very cute) parrot chicks

Ecuadorian Amazon parrot is one of the most endangered species


A pair of endangered parrots have hatched at Newquay Zoo.

The cute parrots are one of the rarest and most endangered species, the Ecuadorian Amazon parrot.

Gard Ward, senior bird keeper, told ITV News: "It is great news we have bred these newly paired Ecuadorian Amazon parrots. The two chicks, once reaching adulthood, will be moved onto other zoos to be part of a very important captive breeding programme and to help save this endangered but only newly discovered species."

The Ecuadorian Amazon parrot was recognised as a species in 2013 at Chester Zoo.

It is under threat from illegal pet trade and deforestation, the Cornish Guardian reports.

In May, four peregrine falcon chicks hatched on England's tallest cathedral spire.

The chicks hatched in a nesting box installed on Salisbury Cathedral's 123-metre (403ft) high spire.

They were removed from the nest, weighed and ringed with a bright blue ring by well-known ornithologist and wildlife presenter Ed Drewitt.

It is only the second time since 1953 that peregrines have successfully hatched at Salisbury Cathedral.

Three peregrine offspring - nicknamed Pip, Peter and Paula - fledged there last year.

Baby zoo animals around the world

Baby zoo animals around the world

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