Man escapes Mount Etna eruption on skis (video)

Daredevil filmed himself expertly making his way down the slope away from the thick grey smoke

Guy Skis Down Mt. Etna to Escape Eruption

You might feel like you've really pushed yourself to the limits on a ski holiday, but have you ever skied away from an erupting volcano?

This part-time freerider, full-time daredevil, can be see skiing down the snow-covered slopes of Mount Etna to escape a sudden eruption.

With plumes of thick, grey smoke shooting out of the mountain behind him, this adrenaline junkie doesn't seem too bothered as he skillfully twists and turns down the slopes with his poles in one hand and camera in the other.

Watch: Mount Etna eruption lights up the sky in Sicily

Etna is the highest and most active volcano in Europe, but that didn't stop this skier, who can be seen cheering and celebrating upon safely arriving at the base.

The Sicilian volcano is almost constantly active and has been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

According to National Geographic, Etna's eruptions date back to 1500BC and despite the fact it is one of the world's most active volcanos, there has been little destruction caused.

One of Etna's eruptions in 2011 left the local airport closed while locals also claimed that the volcano had pushed clocks forward 15 minutes.

The mystery about the clocks was never resolved but other suggestions included aliens, poltergeists and solar explosions.

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