50 sharks spotted in West Sussex (video)

Dozens of 5ft long sharks spotted in shallow water


50 sharks spotted in West Sussex (video)

A group of up to 50 sharks has been spotted swimming in shallow waters in West Sussex.

Nature wardens have described the scene as "astonishing" and "unprecedented" as dozens of fins were seen circling at RSPB's Medmerry wildlife site near Selsey.

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The RSPB uploaded the footage to YouTube and its Facebook page.

You're going to need a bigger boat! Have a look at this great footage as a group of sharks (identified as smooth-hounds)...

Posted by RSPB Love Nature on Thursday, July 16, 2015

The YouTube caption said the sharks had been identified as smooth-hounds. It read: "An unprecedented group of up to 50 sharks swam into the shallow intertidal waters at RSPB Medmerry, near Selsey (West Sussex), on a rising tide this morning (Weds 15 July 2015).

"Measuring up to 1.5 metres (5 foot) in length, and with the typical triangular shark fins sticking out of the water, they were identified as smooth-hounds, a type of shark usually found offshore in coastal waters."

RSPB warden Peter Hughes, who captured the footage, said on YouTube: "It was astonishing. There were just these huge fish everywhere in knee-deep water.

"We knew in time that Medmerry was going to be a great place for wildlife, but I don't think anyone expected this!

"We assume they were coming in to feed on the crabs and other marine life that have made their home at Medmerry."

According to Wikipedia, the smooth-hound shark is found in the eastern Atlantic Ocean from the British Isles to South Africa, and in the Mediterranean Sea, Madeira, and the Canary Islands at depths ranging from five metres to 625m (although they usually stay at depths between five to 50m).

Their usual maximum size is 150 cm (5ft).

As seen here, they will aggregate in large numbers, like a pack of dogs. This is why they are called hounds.

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