Yorkshire terrier dog killed by seagulls in Cornwall

Pet dog pecked to death in garden

Yorkshire terrier dog killed by seagulls in Cornwall

A family has been left devastated after their Yorkshire terrier was killed by a group of seagulls in Cornwall.

Roo the dog was playing in the garden of the family home in St Columb Minor when he was attacked by herring gulls that are nesting in the roof.

Roo's owner Emily Vincent said the dog came running into the kitchen after the attack before collapsing in a pool of blood, which looked like a "murder scene".

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The dog suffered severe head wounds and a brain haemorrhage, and his injuries were so severe he had to be put down.

Emily is now concerned for her four children and her two other dogs, which are Maltese terriers.

She is unable to have the seagulls removed because they are protected by Cornwall Council.

According to the Metro, Emily said: "There should be more done to protect people and their pets. Roo was like another child to me. The whole family is grieving. It has been horrific.

"We will now not let the children or the dogs out in the garden unless we are with them."

The BBC reports that the MP for the area, Conservative Steve Double, described what happened as "disturbing" and said he had written to the secretary of state for environment "to ask what can be done to control the seagull population in Cornwall".

The problem is not just in Cornwall. Back in May, a chihuahua puppy called Bella was killed by seagulls in a garden in Honiton, Devon.

Britain for dog-lovers

Britain for dog-lovers

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