Brits are 'hopeless' at driving abroad, says survey

67 per cent believe road signs in tourist hotspots should be in English

Tips for Driving Abroad

Brits have a dismal track record at driving abroad, a new survey has revealed.

Holiday Extras found that a shocking 60 per cent of drivers feel low in confidence and don't know the road rules to feel they are driving safely abroad.

Sixty-seven per cent of Brits believe that road signs in tourist hotspots should be in English - and half of these say would like to see signs all over Europe should be in English).

One-fifth say they don't think they would be able to pass a foreign driving test, and 26 per cent of admit to struggling with driving on the other side of the road. Issues navigating and reading road signs in foreign languages is also a major concern, and only 11 per cent said they enjoyed the experience of driving in other countries.

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Holiday Extras communications director, Ant Clarke-Cowell, said: "It seems we're pretty hopeless at driving when on the Continent, yet hiring a car is a no-brainer for most of us on holiday and is affordable and convenient."

According to those with driving licences issued by Great Britain or Northern Ireland can drive in all EU countries without needing any extra qualifications but an International Driving Permit may be needed if you are planning on driving outside of the EU.

The RAC offer helpful guidelines for those driving abroad which include mapping out travel plans, remembering to alter your headlights and expecting the unexpected.

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