'Idiot' teens risk lives on edge of 300ft cliff in East Sussex

Walker captures photo of kids swinging legs over 300ft drop

'Idiot' teens risk lives on edge of 300ft cliff

A man has caught on camera the moment a group of 'idiot' teens sat precariously on the edge of a 300ft cliff.

Patrick Goff was walking near his home in Seaford, East Sussex, when he saw the kids at Cuckmere Haven on the Seven Sisters cliffs at around 3pm on Saturday.

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Speaking to the Mirror, he said: "It was a beautiful day and I was out walking on the other side of the estuary when I saw them just sitting there at the top of the cliff.

"They were about three quarters of a mile away so there was no use shouting."

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According to the Metro, he added: "It is known for cliff falls. There are no fences because as soon as they put them up the cliffs move and they fall in to the sea.

"They were perched on a little ledge of chalk but those ledges can easily crumble down from underneath people.

"The coastguard is continually being called out to dogs, people and anything else that has fallen down there."

He shared the picture on his Twitter page, writing:

He also wrote: "Amazing what a long lens will do. The 'kids on the cliffs' photo is going national in the Daily Mirror I'm told."

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