Ten holiday destinations with no Brits in sight

Want to really escape the tourist scene for your next holiday? These are the least-visited places in the world


Looking for a really remote holiday destination where you won't find another British holidaymaker in sight? If you want to escape the notorious Brits abroad you'll need to head for Armenia, Ethiopia or Mongolia if you want a true escape that is far from other tourists.

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New research by Hostelworld has found that almost half of the world's countries have only been visited by one per cent of people, meaning there are still many places where you can get away from it all. The average UK adult has visited 10 countries (five per cent of countries in the world), with the most popular places including France, Spain and Germany.

countries least visited in the world map

Hostelworld's Meet The World Report revealed that the least-seen countries around the globe include Greenland, Chile, Ghana, Fiji and Bangladesh, which have been visited by less than one per cent of British holidaymakers.

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If you're looking to go off the beaten track and don't want to meet any UK tourists on your next trip abroad,we've rounded up some of the least-visited countries around the world. How about a city break in Azerbaijan? Or a beach escape in Tonga? Ever even heard of Moldova? Feast your eyes on these beautiful, crowd-free destinations where you will probably be the only Brit around...

Places where you won't run into Brits

Places where you won't run into Brits

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