Lorry driver captures moment woman drives wrong way down slip road

Driver, believed to be in her 60s or 70s, joined the A5 in Tamworth


A woman was filmed driving the wrong way down a slip road to the busy A5 by the lorry driver she almost crashed into.

The video, filmed on a dashcam and uploaded to YouTube, shows the woman driving her white Nissan Micra down the road before stopping as the lorry coming towards her brakes. She then makes a left turn onto the A5.

Lorry driver Lee Ludoski captioned the video: "Driving my 44t hgv and then this happens. Lucky no one had a bad crash."

Luckily, no-one was hurt during the incident which took place in Tamworth, Staffordshire.

Ludoski described the woman as being in her later 60s or late 70s. She has been reported to Staffordshire Police.

Speaking to the Daily Mail, Ludoski, from Coventry, said: "I beeped the horn, and the truck horn is loud, but she seemed completely oblivious.

"She just gave me a wave, as if I was letting her go and drove off. I don't think she even realised anything was wrong."

Last month, a 78-year-old driver was so drunk he did not notice he was driving the wrong way along the A24.

Godfrey Maclauchlan was seen by members of the public driving his blue Ford Mondeo north on the southbound carriageway of the road at Cowfold at about 6am on 2 June.

He then turned east onto the A272 and officers saw him driving with his window down despite the fact it was raining heavily.

Maclauchlan did not seem to see the blue flashing lights and sirens behind him for several miles and was weaving in and out of the gutter, travelling at 30mph in a 50mph area.

He eventually stopped after the patrol car pulled alongside the Mondeo and an officer shouted at him to stop.

Strange driving laws around the world

Strange driving laws around the world

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