Villagers warned after second python found in Teesside

8ft Burmese python discovered day after 6ft royal python was abandoned

snake found in teesside

A second python has been found in a village in Teesside, the day after one was found on the same country lane.

Residents in the Wilton and Guisborough areas have been warned to be on their guard after the 8ft Burmese python was discovered at 6.20pm on Friday on Wilton Lane after a 6ft royal python was found on the same road at 3.30pm on Thursday.

The Northern Echo reports that police are seeking a man named Danny who may have bought both snakes.

"While there is no information to suggest there are any more snakes loose in the area, if any are found, they should not be disturbed and people and other animals should keep a safe distance," a Cleveland Police spokeswoman said.

On its Facebook page, Kirkleatham Owl Centre wrote: "So yesterday was a repeat of the day before--we received a call from Cleveland police asking if we could assist with a large snake on Wilton Lane!!

"At first we thought it must be a hoax--but the police already had a car on the scene & confirmed that there was definitely a very large snake on the lane!"

The owl centre added that the snakes had been warmed up and offered food.

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