New UNESCO World Heritage Sites unveiled for 2015

Scotland's Forth Bridge has been added to the list

Forth Bridge announce on new UNESCO World Heritage List

UNESCO (the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization) has recently unveiled more than 20 new sites which have been added to the World Heritage List.

New additions include the Forth Bridge in Scotland, the remains of Hellenistic and Roman settlements in Ephesus in Turkey, rock art in the Hail region of Saudi Arabia and the Fray Bentos cultural-industrial landscape in near the Uruguay River.

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According to UNESCO, to be included on the World Heritage list, sites must be of "outstanding universal value". The also have to meet at least one out of ten selection criteria, which include representing a masterpiece of human creative genius and exhibiting 'an important interchange of human values over a span of time'.

Other criteria include bearing 'a unique or at least exceptional testimony to a cultural tradition or civilization which is living or which has disappeared and many more'.

Areas of exceptional natural beauty, examples of on-going ecological and biological process and important and significant habitats are also among those on the list.

To see all the sites that have been added to the World Heritage List for 2015 take a look at our slideshow below.

Do the new additions deserve their place on the list? You decide! Check out the slideshow below to see the whole list.

New UNESCO World Heritage sites 2015

New UNESCO World Heritage sites 2015

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