Entire pod of humpback whales breach surface simultaneously (video)

Couple boating off the coast of Alaska witnessed the amazing sight

Boater Amazed at Surprise Breaching by Entire Humpback Pod
Pod of humpback whales breach surface in sync
Passengers enjoying a boating trip off the coast of Alaska were left in shock after witnessing an entire pod of humpback whales breach near their boat.

The footage initially shows what seems to be a fairly calm and regular boating trip, but not before long the man behind the camera and his companion are stunned to see what appears to be at least 15 humpback whales breaching the surface of the water in sync.

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The creatures, which have an average size of around 12 to 15 metres, can be heard rumbling under the water before simultaneously bursting through the surface.

The pair on the boat can be heard exclaiming in delight at the sight of the animals making their way into the fresh air and spouting water. As soon as the whales start to head back down into the water a flock of seagulls then race to the area.

According to theNational Geographic, humpback whales are most commonly found near coastlines and they will migrate each year from their 'summer feeding grounds' to warmer 'winter breeding waters'.

The humpbacks are known for their unique body shape and their massive tail fin is used to propel them through the water as well as enabling them to push themselves out of the water too - as seen in the video.

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