Passenger charged to collect lost laptop at Edinburgh Airport

The man was forced to pay the charge despite coming back less than four hours later

Edinburgh Airport passenger charged £20 to collect lost laptop

A passenger travelling into Edinburgh Airport was left furious after he was made to pay a £20 fee to retrieve his lost laptop.

The man, who wants to remain anonymous, said he realised he had left the pricey piece of luggage behind as soon as he got home. He went to collect it from the airport less than four hours later but still ended up having to fork out £20 to get it back.

According to the Edinburgh Evening News, the airport hands all lost property over to Luggage Point, a commercial contractor. Costs for retrieving items of lost property range from £5 for items such as small pieces of clothing and books, to £20 for items such as laptops, tablets, PCs and jewellery. If an item is collected within 2 hours of being processed, then passengers only have to pay a £2 administration fee. Large pieces of lost property that aren't claimed within two weeks can be subject to a £10 a day storage fee up to a maximum of £50.

The passenger in question said: "I just couldn't believe it. What gives Edinburgh Airport the right to take my property and hand it over to a third-party commercial organisation, who are then going to extort £20 out of me or more to get it back?"

He added: "There was no putting it in a protective casing. I was so tired, I got the laptop and I walked off, before realising I'd left my driver's licence on the counter. I went and picked it up, and she said, 'It's as well you came straight back, if you'd left it here, it would have been £5'."

An airport spokesman said: "We work closely with Luggage Point to offer customers an efficient lost property service.

"Items found are stored safely and securely in the airport until we are able to reunite them with their owners."

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