Argument between bus driver and passerby goes viral (video)

Bus driver blocks in car illegally parked at bus stop - and it doesn't go down well


The moment a passerby became aggressive with a bus driver who blocked in a car parked illegally at a bus stop in Manchester has been caught on camera.
A woman with children decided to park on a double yellow line at a bus stop in Prestwich, Greater Manchester, and becomes incensed when a bus driver pulls up, and refuses to leave until his scheduled time to depart.

A man in a white shirt is seen defending the female driver, and harasses the bus driver to move.

His seemingly ridiculous argument style has meant the video has gone viral.

He can be heard telling the driver: "I'm a highly professionally trained person", as well as later saying: "I have to tell you three times: I'm a trained fighter – there's one. Two: I'm a trained fighter, three: I'm a trained fighter."

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph, the bus driver explained: "I pulled in as much as I could but part of my bus was blocking that car.

"I had about five minutes before my departure so I switched the engine off and minded my own business."

The Daily Mail reports he added: "I didn't even notice when the car owner came back but instead of asking me politely to let her out she started beeping at me.

"At this point I politely explained that I can't leave my terminus early and that she shouldn't be parked there anyway.

"A moment later this bloke, who was a complete stranger and not remotely involved in the situation, turned up recording me on his iPhone and talking a lot - he wouldn't even let me say anything as he just kept shouting."

According to the Metro, a spokesman for bus operator FirstGroup said: "Bus services provide connections for customers across Greater Manchester and it's vital that stopping points are kept clear for the safety of bus passengers and other road users.

"We ask our drivers to remain professional at all times and we will be speaking with our driver to review how this was handled.

"However, this incident does highlight the difficulties inconsiderate parking causes for all road users alike."

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