Man arrested for flight in chair attached to balloons (video)

Police arrest man for flying lawn chair with helium balloons

Man arrested for flight in chair attached to balloons (video)
Man Charged After Lifting Off in Balloon-Covered Lawn Chair

A man has been arrested after taking flight over Calgary, Canada, in a lawn chair attached to 150 helium balloons.

According to, Daniel Boria, 26, performed the stunt to promote a cleaning company.

The Calgary Herald reports that Boria had planned the stunt for months, doing everything from skydiving lessons to researching wind direction and purchasing $12,000 in helium.

He took off on Sunday evening from Calgary park with the help of 20 of his employees, and a GPS, parachute and oxygen tank on the chair.

He told the paper it was the "most fun thing" he's ever done.

His flight didn't quite go to plan, however, when he found he couldn't properly manage the apparatus.

One witness told ABC News: "It was a little too windy and he went a little too high, and the stunt wasn't responsible."

Boria had to abandon ship after about nine miles and around 20 minutes in the air, jumping from the chair with a parachute attached to his back.

He reportedly suffered minor injuries to both ankles when he landed.

Daniel has been charged with one count of mischief causing danger to life.

Police said there were not two charges laid as previously stated.

A Calgary police department statement read: "At approximately 7.30pm, on Sunday, 5 July, 2015, a man was spotted floating in a chair with more than 100 balloons attached. He was first spotted above the 0-100 block of Harlow Ave N.W. Witnesses observed the man manoeuvre the chair south towards the downtown area.

"As he approached the downtown area, the man jumped from the chair and opened a parachute attached to his back. He landed in the green space located at Highfield Blvd. S.E. and Ogden Road S.E.

"Although officers are not able to confirm his exact destination, the man has indicated he was attempting to land in the Stampede grounds.

"Upon landing, the man was arrested without incident.

"Daniel Boria, 26, of Calgary, is charged with one count of mischief causing danger to life. He has since been released."

After he was released, he said: "I basically went from the most free feeling you could ever imagine in your life to being locked up in a box."

The Calgary Herald added that the lawn chair and some of the balloons were later found in the High River.

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