Hottest UK heatwave ever set for end of July

Second big heatwave could beat all-time 38.5C record

Second UK July 2015 heatwave could be hottest ever

Weather forecasters are predicting a second heatwave to hit the UK at the end of July - and it could be the hottest ever on record, beating the 36.7C at the beginning of the month.

It's good news for families wanting to enjoy a staycation during the school holidays.

The Daily Telegraph is reporting that a wave of very hot air is likely to be pushed from central and southern Europe bringing the second bout of record-breaking sizzling heat.

One forecaster suggests the heatwave could bring the hottest UK temps ever recorded, potentially beating the 38.5C at Brogdale, Kent, on August 10, 2003.

Speaking to the Telegraph, Brian Gaze of The Weather Outlook said: "The year's hottest temperatures usually occur in late July or early August.

"As pressure models favour more African hot air over Europe pulsing to the UK, the 101F (38.5C) record could go."

Met Office forecaster Simon Partridge also told the paper: "Temperatures certainly look warm after July 19 in the South and another plume would make it hot. It's too early to put detail on whether it will be hotter than we've had."

Second July UK heatwave to be hotter than the first

Last week's heatwave saw temperatures soar to 36.7C at Heathrow, making it the hottest July day recorded.

But before the second heatwave kicks in, the UK is forecast to see cooler weather this week.

Chris Burton, from the Weather Network, told Aol Travel: "An area of low pressure will drift across northern Scotland over the next few days, bringing fresher conditions in off the Atlantic and also some scattered heavy and locally thundery showers.

"Temperatures will generally be around or slightly below average for the time of year with max temps in the high teens/low 20s Celsius.

"But on Wednesday, the area of low pressure will clear away to the east, allowing north to north-westerly winds to drag in some rather cool air to the country.

"Max temperatures in northern Scotland could be as low as 11C to 14C and all parts of the UK will largely remain in the teens Celsius. Only a few sheltered spots in the south of England will creep above 20C.

"That's several degrees below average and around 15C cooler than the record breaking heat we had last Wednesday."

However, things should warm up a little towards the end of the week, with temperatures in the south of England reaching the high 20s by Friday and Saturday.

Chris added: "There are signs that it will then warm up towards the end of the week, as the cool northerly winds get cut off – allowing temperatures to rise slightly above average for mid-July."

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