Pensioner kicked off cruise for 'jump ship' comment

Jack Moran, 85, deemed a 'suicide risk' following remark

Great granddad kicked off cruise for 'jump ship' comment

An 85-year-old great granddad said his holiday of a lifetime was ruined after cruise staff judged him a suicide risk following a joke he made about jumping ship.

Jack Moran and his wife Anne, 83, from Crosby in Liverpool, were treated to a seven-day trip on the Royal Caribbean Cruises Adventure of the Seas ship to celebrate their diamond wedding anniversary.

They were joined on the cruise by their daughter Patricia Thomas, her husband Roy and Mr Thomas's mum Constance, reports the Liverpool Echo.

But on arrival Mr Moran found some of his clothes smeared with paint from the fresh coat in his cabin, as well as smears on the furniture.

After complaining about it a number of times, he made a throwaway remark to the restaurant maitre'd that he would 'jump ship' at the next stop.

When he went back to his cabin, security staff and the ship's second captain were waiting to tell him they had sought legal advice about whether he could stay on the cruise.

A security guard was stationed outside his cabin throughout the night until the ship reached its first port, Zeebrugge, where the family were asked to disembark.

According to the Mirror, Jack said: "It was horrendous. We only spent 23 and a half hours on the ship and we had been looking forward to the holiday so much.

"They put a security guard outside our cabin all night and he kept coming in and shining a torch to check on us.

"I wasn't even able to go for lunch the next day."

Speaking to the Liverpool Echo, Jack continued: "When we disembarked we were standing on the quayside with all our stuff and my wife and friend Connie, who is 89, were just crying.

"My wife had bought new dresses for the cruise and they are still in the suitcase at home, she hasn't unpacked them.

"The other day an advert for cruises came on the TV and she just burst into tears.

"It was going to be the holiday of a lifetime to celebrate the fact we'd been married for 60 years."

The family were refunded the cost of the holiday and their return journey, but Jack is seeking an apology, saying: "All I have ever wanted is for them to say sorry."

According to the Daily Mail, a Royal Caribbean spokesman said: "Our first priority is always to look after the best interests of our guests and crew. We acknowledge Mr Moran's ongoing concerns and have contacted him to discuss these in more detail."

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