Dolphin trapped in seaweed 'thanks' kayakers after rescue

Heartwarming video shows kayakers save dolphin in Outer Hebrides


Dolphin trapped in seaweed 'thanks' kayakers after rescue

Three kayakers set about saving a young dolphin that had become trapped in seaweed - and were ultimately rewarded with a beautiful display of leaps from the water.

The group, from kayaking trip company Clearwater Paddling, came across the dolphin struggling and distressed in the Outer Hebrides.

One of the kayakers, Chris Denehy, tried to get as close as possible to the stricken animal to nudge it out with his oar while the others helped make a channel for it to pass through.

According to, the kayakers were told about the trapped animal by a local postman.

Speaking to the Metro, Chris said: "He was literally drowning because the weed was pulling him under.

"He did seem quite distressed and must have been in there a while."

But after making his way back to his friends, the dolphin put on a little show to say thank you.

Chris uploaded the footage to YouTube, with the caption: "Three juvenile dolphins in Northbay on the Isle of Barra. One of the dolphins was completely trapped in seaweed and shallow water. After a successful rescue the dolphin joined the other two for a fine display of thanks!"

One happy user wrote: "Good to see there are still some caring people in the world!"

Hear, hear.

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