'Fog river' seen rolling off a clifftop in Iceland (video)

Kjartan Gunnsteinsson captured the footage during the summer solstice

Eery Video Shows 'Fog River' Rolling Off a Coast in Iceland
'Fog river' seen rolling off a clifftop in Iceland (video)

This surreal video shows mist rolling down over the precipice of a cliff in Iceland.

This unusual unusual phenomena occurs when hot air cools as it rises into the atmosphere but sometimes the opposite can happen.

According to the video, this could be what's known as a temperature inversion - when hot air that is high up acts as a seal to keep cold air and fog trapped below. When this happens, it creates natural scenes like those shown in the footage.

The bizarre phenomenon was caught on camera by Kjartan Gunnsteinsson and many have commented that the timelapse footage looks like a hoax but the cameraman has confirmed that it is 100 per cent genuine.

The stunning footage was captured during the summer solstice in Iceland where the sun is in the sky for a full 24 hours. Although it's moving slowly, the waterfall type scene repeats itself along cliff edge.

Iceland is well known for its rugged landscape, black sand beaches and spouting geysers, not to mention the volcanoes and striking glaciers.

Iceland in pictures

Iceland in pictures

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