Where not to go on holiday: The world's deadliest beaches

Pollution, sharks and killer birds: These beaches are all hazardous to holidaymakers

Chowpatty Beach at sunset, Mumbai, India.

Deadliest Beaches in the World

Planning your next beach holiday? Well here are a few destinations that you should most definitely avoid.

The video above shows a few of the world's most dangerous beaches, and one thing's for sure: these places will never make anybody's bucket list.

First there's Chaupati or Chowpatty Beach, in Mumbai, which has been a popular gathering spot for centuries and is the setting for many Bollywood films. It's extremely hazardous because it's so polluted. The sea is completely unfit for swimming in (although that doesn't stop many of the locals from taking a dip). According to DNAindia, water samples collected from the beaches by the Maharashtra State Pollution Board showed a concentration of fecal coliform six times the safe limit. (What's fecal coliform? Poo to you and me).

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Cape Tribulation in Adelaide, Australia may not be polluted - but it's best avoided unless you're looking for a beach swamped with snakes, crocodiles, jellyfish... and killer birds. The cassowaries which roam the sands can kill people with a swift strike from their claws.

Talking of killer animals, New Smyrna Beach, Florida, also makes the list of dangerous beaches - because has more shark attacks per square mile than any other place in the world.

Check out our slideshow of more of the world's most dangerous beaches below.

World's most dangerous beaches

World's most dangerous beaches

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