Screaming Paris Hilton in plane crash prank (video)

American socialite subjected to terrifying hoax on Egyptian TV


Paris Hilton was subjected to a terrifying prank on Egyptian TV when the American socialite was invited on a plane tour over Dubai before she was persuaded by actor Ramez Galal that the aircraft was going to crash.

The 34-year-old heiress was visiting Dubai for the opening of a new hotel when she received the invite to see the city from the sky, the Huffington Post reports.

In the video, Hilton is seen panicking with other passengers on the flight as an alarm goes off and the plane appears to plummet.

The plane's side door is opened and one man jumps out but Hilton screams, "I don't want to jump".

Paris is seen crying and screaming for around five minutes and looks genuinely terrified.

After the plane lands safely, Galal tells Hilton she has been pranked. The heiress, who still appears distressed by the ordeal, seems confused as she tells the actor, "I'm going to kill you".

She adds: "I almost thought I was going to die. That's been my biggest fear my whole life, dying in a plane."

In 2013, a man unwittingly took part in a You've Been Framed moment when he was chased out of the water by a shark - not realising that it was only someone carrying a fake fin.

The mean trick is thought to have been filmed at Woffard Heights in California.

The footage shows three men swimming in a lake when one of them shouts "shark". One terrified swimmer then looks behind him to see the 'shark fin' heading towards him, and makes a dash for land as quick as his arms and legs will carry him.

His friends can be heard shouting "keep going" in the background, and the man makes it to shore to the sound of hoots of laughter.

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