Yorkshire terrier photobombed by seal in Devon

Dog walker surprised as seal jumps in photo on beach stroll


If looks could kill........

Posted by Lee Widdecombe on Thursday, 25 June 2015

A man who was walking his dog in Devon and stopped to take a photo of his pet by the water was stunned when a seal jumped in the snap.

The hilarious animal photobomb was captured by 24-year-old Lee Widdecombe near Babbacombe Beach.

The maintenance worker told the Daily Mail he knew there were seals in the area but didn't expect one to appear as he took the photo of his dog Ted.

Speaking to the Plymouth Herald, Lee's mum Lin Widdecombe said: "I thought it was amazing.

"He was taking pictures of Ted on his phone and then all of a sudden this seal jumped into the background.

"It's probably Ted's first encounter with a seal. He was a bit dubious. I don't think he really liked them."

In 2013, a dog walker was surprised when a seal popped out of the water right next to her as she walked her dog in Greenwich, London.

The young Harbour seal leapt out of the water onto the river path. While her golden retriever Mischa was rather cautious at first, the animals soon appeared to be smitten with each other, and proceeded to enjoy a jolly game of hide-and-seek.

Nicola's partner David Nolan, who was with her, said he noticed an ID tag on the seal and discovered that it had been raised by people at the RCPCA seal sanctuary in East Winch, Norfolk.

"The RSPCA really deserve recognition for what they do," he said. "This young seal proves that their hard work has paid off."

Animal photobombs

Animal photobombs

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