Panic as 10ft python on the loose in Kent

Snake named Zombie missing since Friday afternoon


A 10ft python is on the loose in Kent after escaping from its owner's home.

The owner, Chris Cini, says he spent Friday afternoon looking for the female Coastal Carpet Python named Zombie.

Sarah Bick posted a photo of the snake on Facebook after spotting in Larkfield.

She wrote: "Large snake seen passing Larkfield drs [sic] surgery. Please share and be careful. Don't know where it is now!! Could be a pet no one knows at this point!"

Speaking to Kent Online, Mr Cini said: "It's like looking for a green needle in a green haystack, but there are so many people out looking. It's half of Maidstone."

He added: "She's 11 years old and she's no danger to anyone as she is used to living with me and used to being around humans. However, I would still advise people to be cautious if they find her."

A spokesman for the RSPCA said: "Our advice for anyone who spots a stray exotic (non-native) snake is to keep a safe distance, monitor the animal and call the RSPCA's Cruelty line on 0300 1234 999."

In 2013, a woman had to be rushed to hospital after being bitten by a python on her way home from a night out in Swansea, Wales.

Sue Cull, 47, was attacked by a 10ft foot snake as she took a short cut across some grass near to where she lived.

Feeling a sudden stinging sensation on both legs, Sue believed she had walked through stinging nettles.

However, when she got home her partner Kay noticed there was blood streaming from both her legs.

They called for an ambulance and a paramedic told Sue that they believed she had been bitten by a snake.

Sue told the BBC: "Who would think you would get attacked by a python in Swansea.

At first I thought the pain was just stinging nettles. But looked down to see blood streaming onto my shoes.

I had no idea it was a snake because it was dark. I would have been scared out of my life if I had seen it."

Animal islands

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