Mechanic trapped in car by thousands of bees in Cambridgeshire

Sean Reddington closed his car's air vents to stay safe

Throng of Honey Bees in a tree, close-up.

A swarm of bees left a mechanic trapped in his car in Peterborough on Thursday.

Sean Reddington was driving to his workshop when thousands of bees surrounded his car for around 10 minutes.

Speaking to the BBC, Mr Reddington said: "At first there were just a couple of bees, then suddenly there were thousands.

"I made sure the car's air vents were closed. I don't mind bees - just not that many bees."

Mr Reddington said that the swarm moved on.

A nature reserve in Peterborough was closed on Friday following the incident on Thursday.

It is believed the same swarm moved on to Woodston Ponds.

Senior Reserves Officer for Peterborough Dan Richardson told Peterborough Today: "The reserve will be closed until Monday to leave the bees in peace and for public safety. We don't plan to take any other action."

Insect charity Buglife warned people to leave the bees well alone if they see the swarm.

A spokesman added that there have been a lot of reports of swarms this year.

Last year, a swarm of 5,000 bees colonised the window of a shop in the middle of London.

The insects caused a buzz when they nested on a sign on the window of Topshop in Victoria Street.

The Queen bee landed on the unusual nesting place and was quickly followed by her colony, turning the window into a carpet of buzzing bees.

Scores of Londoners stopped to take photographs of the unusual sight in the heart of busy central London.

Tony Mann, a project manager at nearby John Lewis and a trained bee keeper, dashed over to the shop to help lead efforts to smoke the European honeybee colony out.

Mr Mann, who donned a white bee keeping costume and netted hat for the tricky task, said: "We have either had a virgin Queen or an old Queen, she has left the nest and she has brought the swarm and settled on the shop front."

World's deadliest insects

World's deadliest insects

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