Would you stay here? Hitler's holiday camp opens up for tourists

Controversial Prora beach resort opens with apartments from £125,000

Insel Rügen, Luftbild des KdF-Seebades Prora

Plans to revive a beach resort which was built by Hitler stirred controversy but a company has now transformed the holiday camp and is opening the seaside accommodation to tourists visiting German island Rugen.

Prora was intended to be a holiday camp for Nazis as a parallel to Butlins and the biggest beach resort in the world. It was completed in 1936 but was never opened to the public.

The Daily Beast reports that over the last 10 years, the resort has been transformed from an abandoned space into hotels and apartments.

Axel Bering and Michael Jacobi, the main investors behind the project, say they couldn't care less about the building once being dedicated to Hitler. Bering, from Denmark, told The Daily Beast that the resort reminds him more of his childhood holidays at the beach.

The Daily Mirror reports that 57 of the holiday apartments have been sold and families are already visiting the resort.

Prices start from 176,000 Euros (£125,000) for three-bedroom apartments, with the most expensive flats at £900,000.

According to The Independent, a shopping centre, swimming pool and tennis courts could be added to the resort in the future.

New owner of one of the flats Roland Glockner, told the newspaper that it was "love at first site" when he first moved into his 60sq metre apartment.

The 51-year-old advertising executive from Berlin said: "It was right by the sea, the nature was fantastic, it was nice and quiet and not so expensive. Perfect for the family or as somewhere to grow old."

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