Festival-goers get surprise in Portaloo pranks (video)

Music fans stunned when mariachi band appears

Festival Goers Shocked By Musical Porta-Potty PrankGovernor's Ball New York prank Improv Everywhere
Glastonbury kicks of this week with top class acts from all over the world heading to Worthy Farm in Somerset for the iconic festival.

But, will UK festival-goers be in for the same shock as those in the US earlier this month?

Those attending the annual Governor's Ball music festival in New York were in for a shock when they made a trip to the Portaloos this year.

Music fans were stunned when, on opening the doors, a mariachi band, a gospel choir, brass band and Bollywood dancers appeared.

The prank was created by Improv Everywhere who cut a hole in the back of the toilets and used a backstage area to hide the performers and crew as well as a host of hidden caemras.

The stunned concert-goers hilarious reactions were captured perfectly in the final footage.

This isn't the first prank Improv Everywhere have pulled. Their previous stunts include freezing Grand Central Station and the annual 'no-pants day' on the New York subway ride which has been viewed millions of times.

We can't wait to see what they come up with next!

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Pictures of Glastonbury over the years: Rain, rain and more rain

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