New Yorkers pranked by cab-lifting meter maid ( hilarious video)

The advert for an American e-commerce company has gone viral

New Yorkers Pranked by Cab-Lifting Meter Maid

Meet the New York meter maid with super strength!

This hidden camera prank video was made as an advert for US e-commerce website and has gone viral thanks to the priceless reactions of shocked onlookers.

This parking attendant is seen telling a yellow cab driver that he needs to move his vehicle, only to get a rather rude response from the man inside.

At this point she turns around and offers to help him out by lifting the front end of the cab with her bare hands.

The video's director says the cab was emptied at the front and loaded with thousands of pound of steel at the back to make it easy for actress, Jenny Ruiza, to lift it.

Widely shared on social media, the advert was viewed by more than a million people in just over a week, showing the power of clever advertising!

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