NASA says Northern Lights will be visible over the UK on Thursday

Aurora Borealis displays could be witnessed across Britain from late Wednesday to Thursday

Look Up! Another Solar Storm May Supercharge Auroras

Experts say Britons should look up this week as the Northern Lights are set to make an appearance across the UK on Thursday.

NASA's Space Weather Prediction Center (NOAA) says that the sun's activity "will likely enhance geomagnetic conditions to G3 (Strong) levels in the early hours of 25 June," which could cause Northern Lights displays late Wednesday and in the early hours of Thursday morning.

Meanwhile, the Met Office says its Space Weather team is keeping a close eye on solar activity after the northern lights were seen as far south as Dorset and Bournemouth on Monday night.

On its blog, the Met Office said: "A particularly active sunspot came into view during the early part of last week. This sunspot continued to grow in complexity which has resulted in a number of moderate solar flares and coronal mass ejections (CMEs) which is when the sun ejects some of its atmosphere out into space."

Its Space Weather team added: "If it behaves as expected, it could send another batch of charged particles into earth's upper atmosphere on Wednesday night, with the possibility of another Northern Lights display that could equal Monday night's."

With another great chance for Aurora fans to experience the incredible natural phenomenon, Jonny Cooper, director of Northern Lights holiday specialist Off the Map Travel advises: "To have the best chance of seeing the Northern Lights you need clear dark skies and a clear view north.

"It's a good idea to look on a map and travel to an elevated location with an uninterrupted view to the north, with as little light pollution possible. You need to be there at least 30 minutes after sunset, but the darker the skies the better, so make sure you wrap up warm and be patient."

Incredible ways to see the Northern Lights

Incredible ways to see the Northern Lights

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