Couple try to flag down Ryanair plane on runway

Italian holidaymakers run on to runway at Malta airport after gate closed

Ryanair plane Malta

Just a little reminder: Planes are not taxis. Something one Italian couple forgot when they ran onto the runway at Malta International Airport (MIA) and tried to flag down a Ryanair plane.

The couple were so desperate not to miss their flight home from a holiday in Malta, that they attempted to wave to pilots in a bid to let them on.

Couple try to flag down Ryanair plane on runway

According to the Daily Telegraph, Matteo Clementi, 26, and girlfriend Enrica Apollonio, 23, were late to the airport after getting stuck in traffic.

They checked in but were unable to board their flight as the gate had already closed.

So they then went to the next gate, forced open a door, and ran onto the runway signalling to the pilot to let them on the plane, reports the Irish Post.

The aircraft was still parked but its engines were running and the stairs had been removed.

Couple tries to flag down Ryanair plane on runway

The couple were swiftly arrested by security staff who ran after them and, this week, they appeared in court.

They admitted entering a restricted zone at the airport without authorisation and were fined €2,329 (£1,670).

Their defence lawyer noted it was a first offence and Ms Apollonio had already spent her 23rd birthday in a cell.

According to The Times of Malta, Malta Airport said in a statement: "MIA staff and partners responded to this situation immediately and effectively, ensuring that the passengers were apprehended and passed on to the police.

"MIA regrets that a holiday to Malta had to end in this way but reminds passengers that safety and security are of the utmost importance at any airport and such issues cannot be dealt with lightly."

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