Chris Evans blasted over 40p taxi tip

Taxi driver names and shames new Top Gear host

Chris Evans blasted over 40p taxi tip

Chris Evans may have just signed a multi-million-pound contract to be the new host of Top Gear but, it seems, he's not sharing the wealth.

And one taxi driver is having a moan about it.

Cabbie Gary Eales says he had Chris in his London taxi for over 20 minutes in a journey that cost £19.60.

He said he pulled over to a cashpoint where Evans got a £20 note - and generously let him keep the 40p.

According to the Metro, Gary said: "If he flagged me down again, I'd keep driving."

And his mum, Alma, got in on the outburst too, adding: "That's it, the ginger p****. I ain't watching no more of his shows."

Evans' new £3 million BBC deal is just the tip of his fortune. According to The Sun, he made £75million from his £225million media group sale in 2000.

Heartwarming tip stories that will put Chris to shame? According to Aol Money, in February last year one Illinois woman left a total of $15,000 in tips for three waitresses, after she heard them talking about their bills.

And, in 2013, Bob Erb, a lottery winner from British Columbia, stopped for a meal at a restaurant by the road.

He left $10,000 for the restaurant owner after discovering his 25-year-old daughter had been diagnosed with cancer.

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