Cat spotted clinging to wing of plane (video)

The pilot and his passenger were more than a little surprised to see the animal

Stowaway Cat Clings Onto Plane Wing Mid-Air

We all know the familiar pre-flight announcements, asking us to stow away our tray tables, turn off all electronic devices and watch the safety briefing. But, it seems "check for any cats on board" may need to be added to the speech.

A pilot flying a light aircraft in Kouroi, French Guiana, was more than a little shocked to see that he didn't have just one, but two passengers on board his plane.

As this bizarre footage shows, the man and his female passenger happily take off from the ground and are cruising through the skies for a good minute before they notice their stowaway.

Cat on board plane French Guiana

According to the Independent, the footage was taken during a Club ULM aviation school flight.

The pilot's shock is clear to see when he notices the black and white moggy crawling over the wing of the plane towards them.

But, the cat seems perfectly calm (if a little windswept) throughout the flight and hops off the wing at the end of its surprise trip much to the pilot and his passenger's confusion.

It looks like the aviation school may need to warn their new recruits about the cat who clearly has a fondness for flying.

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