Bizarre moment mobility scooter rider pulls side wheelie

Man filmed running a red light in Greater Manchester


The bizarre moment a man on a mobility scooter pulled a wheelie before running a red light and narrowly missing a bus was captured on camera.

A group of friends filmed the footage on Liverpool Street in the Eccles area of Greater Manchester on Wednesday night.

According to the Daily Mail, Jack O'Hanlon, 23, posted the video on his Facebook page.

He said: "I was driving along last night just on my way to Morrisons to get some food with a friend and this guy on a mobility scooter just cuts us up and goes through the traffic lights and pulled what I would call a 'wheelie'.

"Then he almost got hit by a car. He looked like he was in his early 40s – he definitely didn't look like he needed a mobility scooter."

Last year, an 85-year-old pensioner was spotted driving down the M1 on his mobility scooter.

Not only did the man stun motorists by driving down the busy motorway, but he was caught going the wrong way.

People watched as the OAP was eventually stopped by police between junctions 31 and 32 near Sheffield.

Lorry driver Steve Saxon watched the scene unfold and told the Yorkshire Post: "I don't know what he was thinking or where he thought he was going but it's the most bizarre thing I've seen in almost 20 years driving lorries.

"At first we were gobsmacked but then we started laughing. It's not funny but we couldn't help but laugh."

And in 2013, an elderly man on a mobility scooter held up a bus full of German tourists in Edinburgh as he refused to pull over in his five-mph mobility aid and allow them to pass.

The pensioner was wearing a hi-vis jacket and either didn't know he was causing a traffic jam or didn't care.

But instead of getting road rage, the sightseers found the situation amusing.

One tourist joked: "This is what the Germans lost the war for."

Another urged the OAP: "Put your foot down!"

Strange driving laws around the world

Strange driving laws around the world

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