UK weather: Summer sun gives way to 10 days of rain

Is it the end of summer already?

UK weather: Summer sun gives way to 10 days of rain

Britain has recently enjoyed temperatures of up to 27C - but, it seems, the summer sunshine is about to be replaced by 10 days of rain.

Weather experts have warned a cool front is coming in from the Atlantic.

But while forecasters have said Wimbledon and Glastonbury will receive some rain, they won't necessarily be total 'washouts'.

Speaking to Aol Travel, Leon Brown, meteorologist at The Weather Channel, said: "It will be cooler and fresher for the next few days, but mainly dry over the south.

"Next week is looking unsettled and a bit wetter over the south.

"It will be cool and mostly cloudy on Saturday over the north and east, but clear and sunny for the south west. Light showers over the north.

"This weekend - Saturday - there'll be a lot of cloud over the UK and some spits of light rain too as weak fronts move eastwards. There'll be brighter and sunny spells over the west later. Showers will follow across the north west.

"The warmest areas will be south east Wales and south west Midlands reaching 20 to 21C.

"On Sunday expect some heavy showers over Scotland. There's a risk of hail and thunder. There could be a few showers over the east of England too but dry over the south west.

"It will be cool in the north and cooler over the west. The warmest areas will be East Sussex and Kent reaching 21C."

Moving onto next week, he added: "There are still big differences in the detail for next week related to the position of the jet stream.

"Early next week looks cool with sunshine and showers for the north while over central and southern areas Atlantic fronts may well bring a spell of more persistent rain.

"Still showers for the north and west from mid-week but the south becoming drier.

"Temperatures will be cool early next week and staying cool over the north, but lifting to near normal over the south.

"For Wimbledon we still expect precipitation amounts to be below normal so not a washout, but there will be showers at times.

"Temperatures starting near to slightly above normal then becoming a bit cooler - so pleasant temperatures for tennis and no heatwave."

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