Raccoon breaks into alcohol warehouse and gets drunk (video)

Animal has trouble walking in a straight line


Raccoon breaks into alcohol warehouse and gets drunk (video)

Warehouse staff arrived at work to find a raccoon had broken in - and helped itself to the alcohol being stored in there.

The animal can be seen falling around all over the place surrounded by beer bottles.

After a little while, the inebriated animal decides it has had enough and starts to wander out of the warehouse.

Things look OK to begin with, but then the poor thing takes a tumble and falls over.

A host of YouTube users commented on the video, with one saying: "I too find a Stella Artois refreshing after a hot bicycle ride."

Another joked: "As drunk as that raccoon is, it is nowhere near the drunkenness of the person filming.

"I mean, he filmed this video vertically..."

Hopefully, the raccoon didn't have a sore head the next day.

The video comes just a couple days after a raccoon was photographed by a walker 'riding' on the back on an alligator in Florida.

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