Giant tortoise turns heads while strolling down Tokyo street

Hisao Mitani has kept Bon-chan as a pet for 20 years now

Pet Tortoise Turns Heads Strolling in Tokyo
Reuters giant African tortoise walking Tokyo
Hisao Mitani and his giant African tortoise have become an internet sensation while walking the streets of downtown Tokyo.

The 62-year-old funeral parlour owner and his unusual pet, Bon-chan, have been taking daily walks for a number of years now but have only recently gained an international following after still photos of the pair went viral.

Mitani's wife gave him the pre-historic looking animal about 20 years ago.

But, it looks like Bon-chan's new found fame might be going to his head, Mitani says: "He's becoming a little selfish so he tries to go on different walk paths than the usual one and he tries to develop new paths, so that's a little bothersome."

Mitani believes having Bon-chan in his funeral parlour is of some comfort to those making use of his services.

He says: "When families who are sad come to our store and see Bon-chan, they have a moment when they smile and I think that's nice.

It looks like Mitani and Bon-chan will have plenty more years to enjoy their walks together as some African tortoises can live for as long as 150 years!

World's strangest animals

World's strangest animals

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