"Better than sex": Meet the world's oldest skydiver

The World's Oldest Skydiver
The World's Oldest Skydiver

Meet Dylis, the world's oldest female skydiver.

At 82, Dylis loves nothing more than flinging herself out of a plane door and watching the world fly by.

The female daredevil puts most people half her age to shame with her fearless approach - and not without a big dollop of humour. "The only way is down, so even if I've got slight absentmindedness I'll be alright".

And she simply shrugs off anyone who thinks she might be overdoing it. "All my friends say 'We worry about you, Dylis.... Be careful!'

"But I think that's ridiculous. What better way to die? Having fun!"

Doesn't she get scared?. Yes. "But the ecstasy is more than the fear," she smiles.

The first time Dylis tried skydiving she thought she'd made a terrible mistake. "I thought: 'What have I done? This is death!' And then the next second I thought: I'm flying!

"Skydiving gives you the most intense, wonderful feeling. People say it's better than sex!"

Full of confidence and liberated by her passion, the world record holder's new found confidence has inspired her to do things she'd never done before - including launching a charity for severely disabled children.

"Sometimes we get pulled down by fear... and it's a mistake. Having done skydiving I learned courage... and that has been the biggest turning point in my life."

Dylis is living proof that it's never too late and that there's only one thing to do in life - and that's enjoy it.

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