Acrobatic pilot gives four-year-old daughter first flying lesson (video)

The giggles and shouts of 'more!' say it all

Four-Year-Old Girl Enjoys Dad's Spectacular Aerobatic Maneuvers

For some people taking to the skies puts dread in their hearts and an uneasy feeling in their stomachs.

But, in this video, we can see this fearless little co-pilot isn't afraid of anything!

Four-year-old Leá joins her father Raphael in the air to do some acrobatics for the first time - and judging by the shrieks of delight it looks like she's taken quite a liking to it.

As they sit back to take off, Leá looks as cool as a cucumber.

The little girl sits back and relaxes as the tiny two-seater plane climbs into the sky (at one point she even looks a little bored!).

It's obvious this little munchkin is no stranger to the skies as she takes in the scenery while waiting for something more exciting to happen.

Her father, Raphael, has been flying since 1991 and has accumulated over 8,000 flight hours in more than 60 types of aircraft.

Leá doesn't have to wait long as soon after they hit a good altitude, and as Raphael starts sumersaulting through the sky, his adorable daughter giggles in delight as she shouts for her daring dad to take another turn.

This cute little flying ace can clearly teach us all something about plane travel!

Ways To Combat Fear Of Flying

Ways To Combat Fear Of Flying

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