Two thefts on tiny Scottish island are first in 50 years

Island of Canna sees two shops 'raided'

Two thefts on tiny Scottish island of Canna are first in 50 years

The tiny island of Canna in Scotland has been hit by two raids on separate shops - for the first time in 50 years.

The Hebridean island, which has a population of just 26, was first left shocked by a theft at its community store.

The shop near the island's pier is constantly left open to visitors like sailors and kayakers so they can use its wifi and grab a tea or coffee, leaving money in an honesty box.

But over the weekend volunteers found that sweets, toiletries, batteries and six knitted hats had been stolen.

According to the BBC, the Isle of Canna Community Development Trust were left "gutted" by the news, and have now started locking the shop when it is not staffed.

According to the Daily Telegraph, residents said there had been no thefts since the 1960s, when a carved wooden plate was stolen from the church.

The paper added that Bill Clark, the island's councillor, blamed the theft on tourists but the police have not ruled out islanders.

A second theft has now also been reported at the island's beauty shop, and it's believed it happened at the same time as the other 'raid', between Friday and Saturday.

Criminals made off with £120 worth of goods, including bath oil, shower gel and body butter, as well as cash, from Hebridean Beauty at Canna Pier.

Colin Irvine, chairman of the Isle of Canna Development Trust, which runs Hebridean Beauty, told the Mirror: "It has obviously all been done at the same time.

"It is definitely someone who has come on to the island. It was probably just an opportunist.

"An honesty box basis is the way things work here. It has always worked really well. I also run the guest house and we have not got the time to be down there all the time.

"It means sailors can go in and shop later in the day on the way back to their boats. It lets us get more sales that way.

"We don't know what to do about it. We are thinking about putting CCTV in. This has spoiled things a little bit for people."

The National Trust for Scotland, which owns the island, told the BBC: "We were sorry to hear about this theft from the shop on Canna, which the community have worked hard to make a success.

"Thankfully, incidents like this are extremely rare and Canna is a very safe place."

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