British tourist found on fire by partner on holiday in Tenerife

Eileen Charles was discovered by Anthony Tatam in their apartment

Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

A mum of four has died on holiday in Tenerife after her partner discovered her on fire in their apartment.

Eileen Charles, 63, was found engulfed in flames by Anthony Tatam.

According to the Birmingham Mail, and inquest in Birmingham recorded the death was accidental.

Doctors at the Canaries University Hospital tried to save her and she was transferred to Madrid but Mrs Charles dies two days later of multiple organ failure.

According to the Daily Mirror, the inquest heard how Mr Tatam had left Mrs Charles alone for a short time in their apartment.

Investigators found burned fabric and skin inside the apartment and on the balcony terrace. A drink and packet of cigarettes were also discovered on the terrace.

Mr Tatum says he does not believe Mrs Charles took her own life, but may have set herself on fire by accident.

In 2012, a British family on holiday in Turkey were turned into "human fireballs" when a flambe went terribly wrong at a resort restaurant.

Tony and Kirsty Barr, who were on a trip to celebrate their seventh wedding anniversary, were both engulfed in flames when a bottle of flammable liquid held by their waiter exploded.

Their two-year-old daughter was in her pram as it was set alight, but was saved by her sister, Jessica, 15, who burnt herself in the process of getting little Rosie out.

The family had visited seaside restaurant La Luna in the resort of Marmaris for a celebratory dinner.

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